INTRODUCTION – Growth and Profit


Gain an overview of what you can expect here.

What we do is not for everybody. And it may not be for you. If that is the case, then that is OK.

I want take a minute to give you a lay of the land and to let you know what to expect here. And most of all, welcome you home (perhaps). 

What you’ll find on this page is more about me and my company’s philosophy than the 1-2-3 of growing your business and profitability.

It’s about helping you grow without having your workload, stress and strain growing exponentially.

In the meantime, I think it’s important you START HERE because it will help you determine whether I’m a good fit for what you’re looking for.

At the same time, by telling you what I stand for and against, my hope is that I’ll attract only the right “like-minded” people into our community.

So, consider this our first date, if you will.

If you like what you read here and want to go deeper, then that’s great. If not, that’s fine as well.

This is Much More Than Just a “Build-Your-Business” Site

You don’t need more information. You need the right information.

And you need to know how to implement it to make things happen.

You don’t need knowledge, you need knowledge and action to drive real, lasting results.

More than that, you want someone in your corner supporting and encouraging you.

That’s what I’m here to do for you. And as any good coach, I’ll give you the encouragement to keep you on track.

If you want the “15 ways to win more clients” or “30 ways to market yourself cheaply” type of information, there are plenty of other generic sites that can provide that plain vanilla type of information.

Here, you’ll find some articles on these topics but with a unique twist and approach – the “Andrew twist” - as I inject my expertise, personality, and “realness” into everything I do.

With over three decades of experience in sales, marketing and running businesses, I have battled my own issues, learnt from my mistakes, and worked in a range of industries from start-ups to blue-chips.

Regardless of your size, or how long you have been operating for, I offer you unique perspectives on a variety of sales and marketing, management, and leadership issues and challenges – for yourself and your team - that you are not likely to find elsewhere.

Yet no matter the topic, I realize you’re probably here because you want to improve some aspect of your life and your business.

And that’s great!

Because my ultimate objective is to help you make the complex simple and to unlock your potential for yourself, your people and your business so that you can BE AND ACHIEVE YOUR BEST!

I will give you strategies to help you grow your skills and capabilities, become a great business leader, and help you to embed them into your business so that you can achieve sustainable results for yourself.

You are unique.

My goal is to make the complex simple and provide you with the fundamental principles you can apply into your life and business to be more successful, regardless of your offerings or size.