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5 Ways to Build Emotional Connection with your Customers

5 Ways to Build Emotional Connection with your Customers

By Andrew Cooke | December 5, 2017


If you want to reap the benefits of having a strong emotional connection with your customers here are the feelings you need to generate in them, and the questions you can ask to help you do this.

Generate the following feelings in your customers: Do this by asking the following questions:
1.    Stand out from the crowd ·         How do they want to feel in being special and apart from others?
·         How will you help them achieve this?
2.    Have a sense of belonging ·         How will you build their sense of “tribe” and relatedness to you and your offerings?
3.    Have confidence in the future ·         What do they want to feel confident about?
·         What is important for them in the future?
·         How will you provide this for them via your offerings?
4.    Feel a sense of security ·         What is the sense of security they are seeking and why?
·         How will it manifest itself for them?
·         How will you provide it for them?
5.    Are successful ·         What will make them feel more successful and what does success mean to them?
·         How will make them feel more successful?

Try this for each of your customer segments. Remember, try to get in and understand from their perspective and not yours. Write down your thoughts, share them with others – and see how it compares with your customers actually think!
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