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Build Your Tribe

Build Your Tribe

By Andrew Cooke | October 9, 2017

Do you want to get more clients?
Are you finding it hard? Are you meeting lots of people and generating lots of leads through your online and offline networks? Are you meeting with people who are expressing an interest in what you do? And are you then finding that very few of them are converting, and those that do are taking a long time to do so?
If so, the fault is not with them – it is with you!
Don’t try to appeal to a massive audience and hope that a few will fall out when you need them, it won’t provide you with a sustainable and growing business.
Much better to build a tribe.
Know who the people you want to attract, the ones that share your beliefs, ideas and perspectives. These are the ones who “get” you, and are already on the same journey as you.
So be clear on what you stand for, and what you don’t, and make your messages strong, clear and appealing to those who want to stand along you. Make them part of your tribe!
What are you going to do to build your tribe and your business? Tell me in the comments section below.
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