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Four Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love

Four Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love

By Andrew Cooke | October 30, 2012

As a manager, it’s extremely important that you teach your employees how to work together as a team. When your employees work together, it can improve company morale and productivity, which are extremely beneficial to the success of your business.
There are plenty of team building activities out there that are designed to help your team learn how to work together. Unfortunately, most of these activities are boring and not very enjoyable, and many employees simply go through the motions without gaining any valuable information from them.
There are a few, though, that are actually very enjoyable and can help your employees learn how to work together as a team in a fun and engaging way. Check out these four team building activities that your employees are sure to love.
Take a field trip.
The best way to get your employees to learn more about one another and improve their communication is to hold a simple field trip once every few months. Take a day out of the office and go to a restaurant, go to the movies or even go bowling. When you get your employees out of the office and allow them to engage in activities that are not planned or scripted, they will learn more about each other without the pressure, which can be more successful than any planned activity.
Volunteering is another great way to get your employees to learn how to work together, and it also helps your business give back. There are plenty of nonprofits in the world, so reach out to a local non profit and see if there is anything that you and your employees can help with. You may be able to hold a food drive at your office, or you may be able to get out of the office one day and work at a non profit event. When your team is out of the daily confines of your office and doing something that can help you give back as a whole, it teaches your team how to work together in a less stressful and more relaxed environment. Your employees can talk with one another and even learn to work together to achieve the best results to help the non profit be successful.
 Have a field day.
Split your employees up into teams and have a field day at the office. Create different games, such as building a tower out of popsicle sticks or carrying an egg on a spoon and racing, and have the teams compete against each other for small prizes (or bragging rights). This will get your employees to work with their team in order to be victorious. If you hold a field day once every few months, make sure that you switch the teams up so that your employees learn how to work with different people. This is a fun way to get your employees active and working together, and it will teach them to rely on each other more often.
Hold a show and tell.
It may seem silly and a bit childish, but having a show and tell once a month can teach your employees more about each other, and this can let your employees know what they have in common with one another and help them work better together. Have your employees bring in an item that describes something about their personality and show it to the rest of your employees. You can easily do this at the beginning of staff meetings or designate a half hour to it once a month.
Team building activities do not have to be boring. If you use activities like these four, you will get your employees more interested in taking part in the experiences, and if they’re more eager to go along, they’ll take more away from the activity.
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