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Stop-Start-Continue for Individual and Team Growth

Stop-Start-Continue for Individual and Team Growth

By Andrew Cooke | March 13, 2013

Stop-Start-Continue – 3 Steps for Individual & Team Growth
by Andrew Cooke, Growth & Profit Solutions
3 Steps to Develop You and Your Team – Raise Performance, Achieve Outcomes.
Stop-Start-ContinueHow often do you take the time to stop, look at what you are doing and carry out a “self-audit”?  To reach our potential, or to help others to reach theirs, we need to do this periodically.  This can be used in your business, social or personal life.
There are three parts to this process:.
1.   Stop.
What are you doing that you can stop doing or need to stop doing? 
These might be things that you stop doing yourself, delegate to others, or is no longer required. This frees up time which you can utilise in the next two parts.  Time is limited, so make sure you use it on those things that matter, have priority and help you (or others) to grow and develop.
2.   Start.
What do you need to start doing that you are not currently doing? 
What are those things which will help you (or others) to grow, develop and achieve those things that they are looking for.  You can begin to do these things with the time you have freed up in the first step of Stop.
3.   Continue.
What are those things you need to continue doing?
Identify those things which are currently working for you, and which you can improve that will help you realise what you are looking to achieve. How can you leverage these things and the time to do more of them?
What to Do Next?
For yourself, think of three things for each of the three parts – STOP, START and CONTINUE.  Using the template below, especially if you are a leader or a manager in your business then try this to help your team and reports:

  1. Identify what each person should STOP, START and CONTINUE as regards their role and contribution.
  2. Get each person to do the same for themselves.
  3. Meet with each person and get them to share their ideas with you, and share your ideas with them.  This will create engagement, ownership and commitment for team members who are looking to grow and develop successfully.

Stop-Save-Continue Template
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Tomasz - October 5, 2013 Reply

If you interested in Start Stop Continue method, you may want to check which is an online tool supporting this method. It’s free, very easy to use, no registration is required. It’s my personal project, feel free to use it 🙂

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