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The Only 2 Ways to Reach Your Customers

The Only 2 Ways to Reach Your Customers

By Andrew Cooke | November 11, 2012

The Only 2 Ways to Reach Your Customers
by Andrew Cooke, Growth & Profit Solutions

There are two ways to market to and gain customers, and two ways only.

Either you reach out to them, or they are attracted to you. One way you try to “push” them to come to you, the other way you attract them to you and your offerings and they “pull” themselves in. These two ways are at opposite ends of the spectrum

So what does this mean for you?
Market Reach Out

Many businesses try to acquire new business and new clients by going out and trying to find them – especially newer businesses and those who are in commodity markets. Typically this includes advertising, promotional activities and a lot of “telling” – proudly telling your prospective customers what you do.

This method involves a lot of effort and a relatively low return. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, and often the princes that you do find are only there for the short-term before they hop off to your competitors. This is a costly and risky exercise where your resources, time and investment are used inefficiently and effectively,

As time goes on, you build up history and credibility, and you get smarter and more focused on what you do for your clients rather than what you do for yourself. You also begin to market yourselves using more targeted, interactive approaches that are relevant, of interest and of value to your customers – here you are listening to your customers. Ways to create gravity include, but are not limited to, testimonials, press coverage, articles in trade journals and magazines, speaking, referrals etcetera.

Market Gravity

As the awareness of your work, your reputation and your relevance to your prospective client increases so the dynamic begins to change. Rather than you having to seek out clients they begin to come to you. Your cost of acquisition of clients is lower, they are less price-sensitive as they see the value you can help them realise, and you get a better quality of client with whom you can develop long-term opportunities.

As such, your revenue and profit opportunities improve and you can become more selective both in terms of with whom you work and what kind of work you do. You are more strongly differentiated from your competitors, and prospects want you. Your business growth begins to accelerate with less effort.

How are you attracting your clients? Are you reaching out and trying to pull them in, or are you creating the ‘gravity’ so that they come to you? If you don’t build your own ‘market gravity’ no-one else will – so start work on it today!

What has worked or not worked for you? Share your knowledge, share the wealth!


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Nick Sutton - November 14, 2012 Reply

So true Andrew – finding new clients is one of the greatest challenges for most small business – especially those offering professional services. As you rightly say, the ambition should be to reach critical mass when people start ringing you! In my own experience its all about getting yourself on the radar to your target market – this is really about doing great work in the first place and exposing yourself (in the nicest possible way) to a potential new market by speaking, writing doing etc! Spending money on advertising is both expensive and a long term approach. Nick

Hong Everette - November 27, 2012 Reply

Hey there my name is Sally and I’m a blogger and this blog really helped me. I’m motivated! Thank you!

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