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Three Tips for Express Success

Three Tips for Express Success

By Andrew Cooke | January 29, 2013

Three Tips for Express Success
Quick ways to build success and momentum
by Andrew Cooke, Growth & Profit Solutions
Rapid Growth Success
When we come back from summer holidays, New Year celebrations or other breaks we return refreshed, reinvigorated and enthusiastic.  Our desire and belief in what we can do is at an all-time high – so here are three tips to get you on your way
1. Clarity
Be clear on what you want to achieve.  Look ahead for the next 90 days and ask yourself what you want to achieve that is important to you both personally and professionally.  Identify your top three priorities and write down what are their objectives and associated outcomes, the measures that you will use to ascertain your progress, and the benefits and implications to you of achieving the objectives and realising the outcomes.
Doing this does two things – it puts a frame around those things you are going to do.  By putting a frame around each priority you get clearer on what has to be done, and how you are going to do it.  It also helps you to be clear on what you are not going to do.  This leads me to my second point.
2. Free Yourself
As Einstein put it to do the same thing again and again, and to expect a different result, is lunacy.  If you want to raise the bar on what you and your business are doing you need you need to do things differently. So identify the following:

  • Those things that you need to do more of to improve;
  • That which you can do less of – which you can delegate to others;
  • Those things you need to stop doing so that you can free up time, energy, resources and money – for example, dropping the bottom 15% of your clients every two years, by letting go you can reach out and grab more (a bit like being on the monkey-bars);
  • That which you are not doing but need to start doing.

Doing this allows you to focus your efforts where they have greatest effect.
3. Have Fun
Finally, make sure that what you are doing is something you love and are passionate about.  This makes those things that you want to do sustainable, engaging and inspiring to other people – enthusiasm and passion are contagious.  It’s your life – so live it!
Use this and you will find life easier, more fun and more fulfilling.  Go on, what is stopping you?  What have you got to lose?

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