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Managing Delegated Work

By Andrew Cooke | May 3, 2018

The skill in delegating work comes after you have delegated it Now you have delegated work you need to make sure it gets done. Just because you have delegated the work does not mean it will automatically get done how or when you want to. Follow these five steps to help you manage your delegated […]


The Paradox of Choice

By Andrew Cooke | April 24, 2018

Giving greater choice does not mean more will be chosen!  Most people believe that having a choice is good. The belief here is that choice gives us freedom, so if we have more choices we have more freedom, the better it is for our lives. But some research has found that this is not necessarily […]


Good Procrastination, Bad Procrastination

By Andrew Cooke | October 25, 2017

When procrastinating can be a good thing to do…..  What do you think of when I say the word “procrastination” to you?  Often we look at procrastination we see it as something that we do but should not – it is about creating delay, avoiding work, or putting off those things that we don’t want […]


Busy-ness and Productivity

By Andrew Cooke | October 6, 2017

We are all working in an environment where we are expected to do more, with less, more quickly. So, we look to work faster and quicker in what we do. But this has led to a problem. The problem is this. Busy-ness = Good From this the belief has developed that the busier we are […]


It’s What Is, Not What Might Be, That Matters!

By Andrew Cooke | June 12, 2017

How to build your ability to be objective. A common mistake made by managers is to equate what they think with what they know. But there is a world of difference, let me explain. At the core of this is being able to differentiate between the objective and the subjective perspective of the matter to […]


1 How To Manage Those Delegated To

By Andrew Cooke | March 6, 2013

How to Manage Those Delegated To by Andrew Cooke, Growth & Profit Solutions This looks at how to assess what are the best ways to manage those doing delegated work. This follows on from a previous article – The Art of Effective Delegation – which provides a 5-step process for effectively delegating work. Now you […]


1 Leadership – the Ticking Talent Time Bomb

By Andrew Cooke | March 4, 2013

Leadership – the Ticking Talent Time Bomb   by  Andrew Cooke, Growth & Profit Solutions Forecasts on where the future leaders will come from, and where they will not! Are you worried about the lack of management and leadership talent in your business?  You should be.  There is an underlying shift in demographics that is […]


1 Efficiency vs Effectiveness

By Andrew Cooke | February 25, 2013

Efficiency vs Effectiveness Which would you rather be – efficient or effective? by Andrew Cooke, Growth & Profit Solutions The focus for many businesses today is on the short-run, getting more for their dollar and squeezing more out of their resources.  Productivity is the name of the game.  Although this is laudable it has focused […]


Do You Have a Leadership Team or a Leadership Committee?

By Andrew Cooke | February 22, 2013

Do You Have a Leadership Team or a Leadership Committee? The differences and the impacts of leadership by team and by committees. by Andrew Cooke, Growth & Profit Solutions Many CEOs and senior leaders in companies with which I have worked with often believe, in all sincerity, that they have a leadership team or executive […]

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