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1 New Results Need New Behaviours

By Andrew Cooke | July 24, 2017

Why what got you here won’t get you there! Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?  You’ve been recently promoted. You’re in the same job you were in a year ago, but the scope is a lot bigger today than it was then. You’re working in an organization where the performance bar has been […]


Improving Your Leadership Skills

By Andrew Cooke | July 10, 2017

…the one thing to create a multiplier effect for your leadership skills There are a broad number of leadership skills that you are expected to have and to develop. However, this takes time and effort and you cannot develop these skills in a classroom. You have to develop them in real-time and quickly. The “key […]


Building Your Career

By Andrew Cooke | June 26, 2017

Tips on planning your future career Successful executives are not just successful because they do a good job, but because they look to build their own career. This does not happen but by chance, but with forwarding planning. As such business executives can learn useful lessons from those engaged in politics. This is not to […]


Leveraging Your Weaknesses

By Andrew Cooke | June 7, 2017

“Bad companies are destroyed by the crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them”  – Andy Grove, co-founder of Intel I know the commonly accepted thinking is that to be more successful you need to address and leverage your strengths, not your weaknesses. I have even written an article on this previously. […]


Guidelines to Managing Conflict

By Andrew Cooke | June 2, 2017

Six key guidelines to manage conflict effectively When dealing with a conflict you want to manage it effectively.  Conflicts are difficult to resolve as resolutions are rarely reached which everyone is happy with.  A conflict that is well-managed provides the basis for an approach that everyone will accept, commit to and action. Remember, you want […]


The Leadership/Management Matrix Tool

By Andrew Cooke | May 31, 2017

Leadership and management may complement each other, but they are very different So which is more important, management or leadership? This is not the right question to ask, rather the question to ask what is the balance between management and leadership that you need to have? To answer this, you need to at what role […]


Building Performance Goals around Learning

By Andrew Cooke | May 10, 2016

High performance is not just about achieving, but learning! In the current environment we can no longer depend on what we have always done to achieve what we have always got. In short, we have to shift from focusing on what we achieve to focusing on how we achieve it. If you depend on behaving […]