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Leading and Succeeding in Challenging Times

By Andrew Cooke | October 23, 2017

Leaders are faced with the on-going dilemma of maintaining long-term and sustainable profitability, whilst having to meet the short-term gains demanded by investors. Here are a few insights into how you can lead more effectively in these challenging times. Andrew’s Top 8 Insights Change your mindset – instead of looking at the issue of how […]


How to Avoid Staff Turnover Impacting Your Teams

By Andrew Cooke | October 13, 2017

How to reduce the risks and costs of changes in your teams High staff turnover is a major cost and drain on an organisation.  Apart from the costs associated with recruiting and replacing an individual, a major cost (which is often under-estimated) is the loss of knowledge, expertise, insights and relationships. This becomes a real […]


Your Boss – Seriously Successful or Downright Deluded?

By Andrew Cooke | July 31, 2017

Which answer do you think is most common? Strangely enough, the answer is probably both! Marshall Goldsmith shares a story: One night over dinner, I listened to a wise military leader share his experience with an eager, newly minted General, “Recently, have you started to notice that when you tell jokes, everyone erupts into laughter—and […]


Five Ways to Create an Environment for Employee Engagement

By Andrew Cooke | June 21, 2017

Only employees can engage themselves. You can’t do it. All you can do is create an environment which helps people to be self-motivated and engaged.  Everyone is different, that is true, but there are common factors that are intrinsic to everybody’s level of satisfaction and engagement at work. Engaged employees voluntarily invest time, effort and […]


Why People Fail to Achieve Their Goals

By Andrew Cooke | June 19, 2017

The four reasons why and what you need to do Most people and I assume that you are one of them, know the importance of having goals and goal- setting. Setting goals gives you something to strive towards and boosts your self-confidence when you achieve them. But do you set goals and pursue them? Research […]


Creating Competitive Advantage Through Connection

By Andrew Cooke | June 16, 2017

How creating a “connection culture” can drive business results & the bottom-line We are all living and working in an increasingly volatile environment where accelerating change is the norm. This, with the fact that most people like to live and work within their comfort zone, can cause problems for leaders and their businesses as people […]


The 7 Ps – Seven Questions for Growing Your Business

By Andrew Cooke | June 9, 2017

How you can improve employee commitment and engagement demonstrate respect. When you are looking to grow your business there are three steps involved: firstly, determining what your business will look at a given point in the future; secondly, what the business currently looks like; and finally, how you are going to bridge the gap between […]


Reducing Anxiety in Your Organization

By Andrew Cooke | October 30, 2015

In a changing world the level of anxiety people experience increases as they become less clear on what is happening, more uncertain as to how it will affect them, and increasingly unsure about what to do. You will feel this for yourself, and your team will be feeling it too. So what can we do […]


Your Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence

By Andrew Cooke | October 5, 2015

You have limited time, resources and energy to expend on getting work done, projects completed and achieving the results you are looking for.  As such you need to be able to use these limited and finite resources effectively.  To do this you need to be able to distinguish between what lies within your Circle of […]