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Making It Easier to Achieve Goals or Meet Deadlines

Posted on May 22, 2018 in Behavior, learning, Psychology, Time Management

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can do the day after.” – OSCAR WILDE How often have you found yourself in a state of anxiety rapidly approaching a deadline or goal that needs to be achieved?  Most people have been in this state, some seem to live in this state on a perpetual basis. There are two ways you can deal with a goal or deadline. You can start early and small, or late and big. ‘Early and

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Leveraging Deadlines

Posted on May 17, 2018 in Attitude, Behaviour, Change, Employee development, Employees, growth, growth solutions, Leadership development, Management, Management development, Productivity, Team, Time Management

How to use deadlines to your advantage We often live in fear of deadlines or see them as the main source of our stress. You know how it goes: “Only two months left to make your annual target”, “The report has to be completed and on the boss’ desk by Friday morning”, or “The customer has to have this by the close of business today”. Here is the thing; it is how you frame deadlines that will determine how you

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Managing the Monkey!

Posted on May 15, 2018 in Attitude, Behavior, Change, learning, Management, Management development, Perception, Performance, Psychology, Strategy, survey

How to free time, reduce your to-do list, and move back to managing from being managed!!! Many managers often find themselves with long to-do lists which get longer, with more seeming to have been added then taken off at the end of each day.  The fault for this most often lies with the manager himself or herself, especially if they are caring managers who want to help others.  Why is this? First, let’s understand what we mean by a “monkey”.

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How Do People Respond?

Posted on May 10, 2018 in Behavior, Business agility, Coaching, Communication, growth, learning, Performance, Productivity, Psychology, Strategy

Understand how people can react – whether they take control of themselves, or abdicate responsibility… There is a simple, but useful tool that helps you to understand how people respond to situations, and to anticipate their likely behavior. It can also help you identify those who are likely to be winners and losers. This tool is called the Locus of Control. Everyone wants to know what separates winners from losers? One of the significant factors limiting the attainment of your

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How to Cut Costs Without Drawing Blood

Posted on May 10, 2018 in Continuous improvement, Cost, decision making, growth and profit, growth solutions, managing cost, profit, profit solutions

Six ways to use money and assets effectively When times are hard, and business is slower, harder to get, and less certain, many companies engage in slashing costs.  And they go for that which is most visible and easiest to slash first – the payroll.  However, reducing staff numbers incurs considerable expenses – you have to pay people out, you lose goodwill both with those who are let go and with those who survive the purge, and your capacity and

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Managing Delegated Work

Posted on May 3, 2018 in Behavior, Behaviour, Delegation, efficiency, Management, Management development, Performance, Productivity, profit, Trust, Vision

The skill in delegating work comes after you have delegated it Now you have delegated work you need to make sure it gets done. Just because you have delegated the work does not mean it will automatically get done how or when you want to. Follow these five steps to help you manage your delegated work more effectively: Assign the task to one person.Don’t assign the task to multiple people, just one person who will be responsible. Get them to

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What Do You Need to be Successful?

Posted on May 1, 2018 in Business growth, Decision, growth, growth solutions, Innovation, Management, Strategy, Team, Time Management

And the answer is…… So you want to be successful? But is that enough to be so? We all know that just because you want something does not make it so. Success requires one thing and one thing only – action! To be successful needs a massive amount of effort on a consistent and ongoing basis – if you are only prepared to work from 9-5 then be prepared to be disappointed with what you achieve, you will fall short

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Letting Go and Living in the Present

Posted on April 26, 2018 in Behaviour, Goals, growth, Perception, Performance, Time Management, Work-life balance

If you want to create your future, then work in the present  How often have your colleagues, your family, or your friends, amazed you with their near-perfect photographic recall of the times when you got things wrong or made a mistake. Not only do they recall all the details but, if you can remember the incident at all, what you remember is totally different.   I am sure it has happened to you, it happens to us all. Now have you

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The Paradox of Choice

Posted on April 24, 2018 in Behaviour, Business growth, Decision, decision making, efficiency, growth, Influence, Leadership, Negotiation, Perception, Performance, Planning, Presentations, Process, Productivity, profit, profit, Psychology, Scope, Strategy, Trust, Vision

Giving greater choice does not mean more will be chosen!  Most people believe that having a choice is good. The belief here is that choice gives us freedom, so if we have more choices we have more freedom, the better it is for our lives. But some research has found that this is not necessarily the case. Researchers set up in a shop and presented an array of tasty jams and enticed shoppers to buy a jar. In one version,

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